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AeroCamp & AeroParty 2013


AeroCamp is a program designed to give young people a unique opportunity to explore the world of aviation and aerospace. As a member of the Flight School Association of North America, our flight school is proud to host AeroCamp for the kids in our community.

Campers have the opportunity to learn first hand about the dynamics of airplanes and flight along with the broad spectrum of careers in the aerospace industry. Campers get to fly an airplane if they so choose. There is a strong education component that all campers receive. There are field trips to explore various elements that together form the aerospace industry.

There are two camp options: AeroCamp Basic and AeroCamp Advanced. Basic is for children age 12-18 without any previous flying knowledge. This is the entry-level camp and allows for up to one hour of flight time. AeroCamp Advanced is generally reserved for teens who have participated in AeroCamp Basic or have already had some training.

Please see the AeroCamp 2013 Brochure for more information and contact us for pricing and enrollment information.

You may also download and print the AeroCamp 2013 application.


AeroParty offers youth and adult groups a fun wholesome experience with an aviation and aerospace theme. Your guest will be entertained at Old Bridge Airport while celebrating a special event like a birthday or special milestone.

Contact us today for more information on the AeroParty Package.