OLD BRIDGE FLIGHT SCHOOL - Live the Dream... Learn to Fly!

Learning to Fly  can be a challenging, but rewarding experience which can lead to a career in aviation as well as travel opportunities. At Old Bridge Flight School, you can earn your private pilot license, tail-wheel transition, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), complex, and instructor ratings.

We offer a variety of general aviation services. Pilot training is provided in any one of our four Cessna 172s, Piper Seminole (PA44), and/or Aeronca Champion.

Aircraft rental is available to persons holding a current pilot certificate, current medical certificate, renter's insurance, and government issued identification.

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Aero Camp & Aero Party

Old Bridge Flight School RJet Day
Old Bridge Flight School RJet Day
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
(Download Flyer)

Old Bridge Flight School ensures a safe and comfortable atmosphere,

professional instruction and a pleasurable experience.

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